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  • Is GIC Compulsory & can Access2Canada help me with it?

    GIC is a proof of payment and ensures that a student has sufficient funds to survive the basic living cost in Canada for a tenure of 1 year. The alternate option to GIC is presenting financial & property documents to prove your financial standing thereby convincing the immigration services that you have sufficient funds to make your living in Canada. Access2Canada will guide you on how to get the GIC and shall explain to you the complete procedure.

  • Can I work while I study? Can Access2Canada help me find a part-time job?

    Yes, if you have a valid study permit you can work part time for 20hrs a week during your study term and full time during your scheduled break. Please note, one must not exceed this limit as it is legally reflected on files and can have adverse consequences. Access2Canada has a network connection with various employers and will assist you with your job search.

  • Can I enroll in another course after the completion of 1 course and extend my study permit? Will Access2Canada assist me with it?

    Yes, the study permit in most cases can be extended by enrolling in to another course but it needs to be done in a timely manner and needs to abide by the requirements of the CIC. We have paired with various colleges and we will not only help you with your study permit extension but if you meet the eligibility criteria we can offer fee concession on selected courses with selected colleges.

  • Is my spouse eligible to come with me to Canada? Are the charges for the application separate?

    If you are enrolled in full time course, you need to submit your spouse’s application too; as an open work permit is granted to eligible candidates. A cover letter needs to be submitted along with your application stating that you shall be accompanied by your spouse and request an open work permit for him or her. Access2Canada shall charge an additional fee to help process the application but it shall be considered as a single application.

  • Can Access2Canada help me with my work permit too?

    Yes, when one is eligible for a work permit the file of the candidate shall be transferred internally to another department of Access2Canada handling work visas and you shall be guided on the documents needed for further application.

  • Do the packages include the hotel stay and accommodation?

    No, Access2Canada has partnership with selected hotels and rentals and will help you with your hotel stay by pre-booking and giving you better rates than the market rates but you shall be accounted for the bill payment. Also, Access2Canada will assist you in finding permanent accommodation depending on your college location, budget etc.

  • Who shall be my point of contact after I reach Canada?

    You shall be provided with all the contact details, alternate numbers and the Access2Canada personnel will call you a day prior & shall keep a track of your flight to ensure that we greet you first at the airport and welcome you with a smile. If you select a meal inclusive package, you shall be asked to send your dietary preferences and we will have it readily available for you.

  • After I’m done with my study permit needs do I need to find another consultancy for my PR and PNP needs?

    Access2Canada is a one-stop solution for all your needs. Access2Canada is a sister brand of Easy Access consultancy which has been in business for over a decade, helping with Permanent Residency, Canadian Citizenship, Provincial Nominee Program, and a wide range of services. Thus, you can completely trust us with your immigration needs.